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8 SEO Tips For Your Magento 2 Ecommerce Store

8 SEO Tips For Your Magento 2 Ecommerce Store

There are several options available within the Magento admin panel  to optimize store ranking and magento extensions are also available for SEO which are developed by the Magento community. 

1. Avoid Duplicate Content On Website 

For SEO, Content should be relevant as well as unique which can not be used anywhere else on the web. 

There are various reasons to have duplicate content on websites. I.e While implementing Some features such as product sorting, product filtering, pagination or product variants etc, It is creating the same product or content which may be listed in different URLs which will be treated as a duplicacy by search engines.

In Magento you can set up a Canonical Tag using Admin Panel. 

Location : Stores → Configuration → Catalog →  Catalog → Search Engine Optimization 

2.Optimization For Product Images 

There are some activities like On page SEO where websites should have always image caption and “alt-tag” with proper image name. 

This practise to define proper tag and caption to images which help search engine crawlers to get clear understanding about purpose of image so in Magento there are options to define tags for images at the time of uploading images to content. 

3.Set Up XML Sitemap

XML Sitemap which holds all the information which crawls by search engine to get the idea about your website. An Ecommerce website has lots of information so it requires XML sitemap in detail.  

There are options such as Category, Product, CMS and other pages while generating sitemap in Magento 2. 

You can set up the XML Sitemap using Admin Panel. 

Location : Stores → Settings → Configuration →Catalog → XML Sitemap.

4.SEO Friendly URLs

As per SEO rule, Each and every URL of your website should  be unique, optimized and static. 

Homepage : www.xyzabc.com

Category : www.xyzabc.com/category-name 

Product :  www.xyzabc.com/category-name/product-name 

You can set up SEO friendly URLs from the Admin Panel. 

Location : Stores → Configuration → General → Web

5.Optimization In Website Loading Time

Website loading time or page speed which is for best user experience as well as to determine search engine ranking. 

To optimize website loading time it requires to set up catching, Minify JavaScript, Minify CSS and used flat categories and products to improve page load time. 

Cache Management : System → Cache Management

JavaScript : Enable or Select Yes to some options i.e Merge JavaScript Files,  Enable JavaScript Bundling, Minify JavaScript Files

CSS : Enable or Select Yes to Merge CSS Files and Minify CSS Files 

Use option for Flat categories and products : You can enable or se ect Yes to Flat Catalog category and Flat Catalog Product from Stores →Catalog →Catalog. 

6.Modifications In Robots.txt File 

Robots.txt file is an important file which guides search engine to crawl certain pages and not crawl some pages. 


To Modify it : Go to Stores →  General →  Design →  Edit  and add some instructions for robots.txt file. 

7.Use Secure HTTPS instead of HTTP

Google has officially announced that website security with SSL (secure socket layer) is important for Search engine rankings.

8.Add More Content as a Blog in Magento 2 Website

Nowadays content is King so it plays a major role for optimization of your search engine rankings. You can add blogs or articles in your website to attract your audience to get more traffic which leads to a good search engine ranking.

Conclusion :

We hope that our list of top 8 SEO tips for your magento website helps to cover all the major aspects for improving search engine rankings. 

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