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Best 9 Differences Between Mobile Apps and Mobile Websites

Best 9 Differences Between Mobile Apps and Mobile Websites

Nowadays, Every company wants to earn more business through websites and to do this companies have started developing Mobile applications and mobile websites instead of desktop websites. 

Today's world desktop website has depreciated because everyone has a smartphone and is spending more time over a mobile phone compared to a desktop and most of the things searching from mobile devices. 

Most of the users are not aware about Mobile applications and mobile websites are the same or not but it is true that both are used on the same platforms like Smartphones or tablets. 

Mobile apps is a software application that is specifically designed to run on any mobile device. Mobile websites are specifically designed which can run in mobile browsers. 

We know that mobile apps and mobile websites are not the same so let us check differences between mobile apps and mobile websites. 

Differences between mobile apps and mobile websites

Difference In Used Purposes

As mobile app and mobile website are not the same then the purpose of both is not the same, 

Mobile applications are stored in specific user’s mobile devices and some offline apps can also work without internet connection and mobile apps are based on user specific requirements. 

Mobile websites are specifically designed for communication with larger audiences, Target audience and promotional audience. The mobile website’s objective is to promote business services, specific events and promotions. 

Different types of access on Mobile devices

For mobile applications you have to download a mobile app from the app store, Android users download it from Google Play Store and Apple users download it from Apple Play Store. 

This downloaded mobile app will be stored in Android or Apple mobile devices and most of the app can run without internet connection on the mobile. 

Mobile websites can not download from any store or stored into mobile devices. If any mobile users want to access a mobile website then users have to use a mobile browser and write URL or search it from any search engine like Google, Yahoo or bing. 

So users can not store a website in a mobile device like a mobile app and internet connection is required to access any mobile websites from mobile devices. 

Types of Update Policy

Mobile app users update the mobile apps once it has been notified by the app store once the mobile apk is updated by the mobile app development team. 

A mobile website can be updated without any notification to end users. 

Quick response

Mobile websites have a quick response once they click a URL while a mobile app takes time to open on a mobile device. 


Mobile websites are easily compatible and integrated with other third party web services or mobile services like SMS or Email while mobile apps are not easily integrated. 

Mobile apps need to be developed for different versions of OS and mobile devices but mobile websites can easily run in any type of mobile devices. 


Mobile websites can be easily shared with other users by a simple link or URL but mobile apps cannot be easily shared to other users by a simple link. 

Also mobile website’s link can be shared via blogs, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Text messages, Email etc. 

Support and maintenance

The cost for mobile app support and maintenance is more expensive than a mobile website. 

Customer discovery and Customer Retention

In Mobile websites it is not downloaded and stored to mobile devices so it can be reached to the customers so it will create new customers for your business. 

In Mobile apps it is downloaded and stored into mobile devices so no other customer or user will come into the mobile app and this is the only one way to retain customers.

Spending money

Today we all know that most of the users are using their smartphones to buy products and all are comfortable with mobile apps rather than mobile websites while online shopping. 

Business owners who own business of Ecommerce or online shopping then customers are more comfortable to download mobile apps in their smartphones and open the app as and when they require to buy something so this type of transactions are more in the mobile app rather than mobile website so investors spends more money for Mobile Application Development rather than Mobile Website. 



If you are thinking about which is best among mobile apps or mobile websites then you can look into differences between mobile apps and mobile websites. Again it purely depends on your business ideas and strategy. 

Both are good for business because if you are having a small business and your target is to gain new customers coming to your website then you should go for a mobile website. If your business is big and your target is to give a seamless experience to your buyers then you can go with a mobile app and both are beneficial for your business. 

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