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How Odoo e-Learning Helps Your Business


This module also provides some features like configure quizzes, badges, Beautiful dashboard for currently logged in users, Status of courses which he or she joined, badges, Rank and user profile information. 


Overview of E-learning Module Feature :


  • ‘Karma Points’ bases on Rules 

  • Check Number of Views in Course

  • Add quizzes for each lesson

  • Reward points based on the number of attempts

  • Flexibility to add multiple lessons in each course 

  • Extended Leader-board

  • Latest achievements


Let’s discuss in detail about the Odoo E-learning module. 

First step is to Install e-learning module from apps, 

E-Learning App In Odoo

Creating Course 

E-learning → Courses → Create 

Once you install the module and go to the e-Learning Module you can see the e-Learning Overview. From here users can create or edit existing channels or courses.

Create Course In Odoo E-Learning

User can give title of Course and add content or lessons to that course 

Create Course In Odoo E-Learning

Description Tab is to define description of that course 

Create Course In Odoo E-Learning

Options Tab : User can configure Course Type, Enroll Policy, Responsible, Websites, Allow Ratings, Forum, Visibility and Featured Content.

Create Course In Odoo E-Learning

Karma Rules : Users can set the rewards points based on particular action

Create Course In Odoo E-Learning

Statistics : It gives statistics about that course about presentation, videos, Documents, Watch time etc

Create Course In Odoo E-Learning

Adding Contents or Lessons to Course

e-Learning →  Courses →  Contents

  • Define title for content 

  • Users can add presentations, Info-graphics, Video, Web-pages, Quiz, Certification etc. 

  • In the Document sections other fields like Course, Type, Attachment, Uploaded By, Website Preview Allow, Duration etc

Create Course In Odoo E-Learning
External Links Tab :  Users can add titles and external links of content which will help students or visitors to learn much better about the subject or link related to the content.
Create Course In Odoo E-Learning
Quiz Tab : Here users can define rules, Marks as per attempt and Questions and its correct answers for quiz.
Quiz In Odoo E-Learning
Click on Add a line to add new questions, Users can add Questions with multiple choices and define correct answer for that question.
Quiz In Odoo E-Learning


Viewing Courses On Website

Website →  Courses

Now visitors can check courses from the website by clicking on the “Courses” Menu from the website. 

Users can join in any course by clicking on the Pick a course button.

Courses In Odoo Website


Users can click on the My Courses button to see their picked courses and there are some filters like Your Level, Your Role, Tags etc as per configured from backend. <span style="font-size:12pt;font-family:Arial;color:#000000;background-color:transparent;font-weight:400;font-style:normal;font-variant:normal;text-decoration:none;vertical-align:baseline;white-space:p
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