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Easy Tips To Increase Your App Downloads

Easy Tips To Increase Your App Downloads

Tips To Increase App Downloads

There are N number of apps for both android and iOS available in the stores and that is why big challenges for app marketers to get new users for their apps.

Most of the users already use their favorite mobile apps so they don’t  have excitement to try new apps.

As per survey held in the US users install 3 new apps every month and that is very low compared to new additions of mobile apps in apps stores but there are few methods which will help to encourage users to download new apps.

Let’s check some tips to increase app downloads. 

Always Track ASO (App Store Optimization) 

First of all just get details about ASO, It is one kind of process to improve visibility of your mobile apps in apps store by optimizing each meta element i.e App Title, App Description, Key-words, Screen-shots etc.

This will create apps more visible in the list and easily discovered So ultimately users can find the app in store and the number of downloads of mobile will increase naturally. 

Nowadays ASO is becoming more and more popular but still it is not used by many app development companies or app developers but ASO is providing a very cost effective technique to increase app downloads. 

Encourage Your Users to Rate & Review your App

Another best way to increase downloads is by getting more positive reviews from users and that will boost app ranking as well as users will download your app if it has a good reputation. 

New users will always check other users reviews before downloading apps so if you have some bad reviews or low reviews and ranking then your app download rate is very low.

In both Google Play store and app store there is an algorithm to take reviews and ratings into account in order to provide rank to your app. If there are multiple negative rankings, an app rank will go down. On the other way if there are multiple positive rankings then your app will be at the top of the search results. 

You can encourage user reviews by sending push-notifications by certain intervals of app sessions and you need to take care of by sending too many push notifications and that will irritate your user. 

Inspire Your Users To Make Referrals

Referrals are another best way to show your app standards, trust, quality and relevance which will help you to increase your app downloads. This will be viral marketing of your app and it works without spending budget for marketing activity and you can give some benefits or bonus by referring apps to their friends. 

I.e Banking or Wallet apps offer exciting benefits of cashback to referral users or Transportation apps, You can provide some coupons or free credits while referring to the app. 

Make Investment For Quality Content 

Content is King and you can create attentive and relevant content for your app to attract more users. You can create quality content by creating an online blog or articles, Video of Features, Press releases or infographics depends on your audience segment.

For Example : Banking apps, You can create video for demonstration of functionality, plentiful visuals and UI to attract users. 

Ensure your app is Bug Free/Crash Free

It frustrates the users if it frequently crashes or bugs. Once a user faces any problem then they will either submit a bad review or simply uninstall the app. If a user will submit any issue in your app then you have to respond quickly and your developer must fix the issue quickly to prevent crashes and your app will be neat and without any issue. 

More effective way is to take a proactive approach - Your app should be go with strong testing by developers to identify all major bugs and resolve it before going to live with the app and available to the public. 


If your app is great and well-designed with useful features but if you will not apply enough efforts to promote in the market, No one will download it  so app promotion is must to get more number of downloads. 

This blog is with many tips to achieve more download rates. If you have any doubt, You can always ask for assistance from an experienced Mobile Application Development Company.

We hope that this blog provided the right information as you required. If you have any query you can always mention in blog comments or contact us by email info@candidroot.com or Simply fill up Contact us. 

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