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Explore Odoo 17 New Features Enterprise Edition!

Explore Odoo 17 New Features Enterprise Edition!

New attractive User Interface (UI)

The new Odoo 17 release showcases a great new user interface that will enhance your efficiency and overall experience. 

This brand new UI version will boast a sleek design, including enhanced usability and design components aiming towards optimizing productivity. 

Easy Searching

One of the best features of the Odoo 17 release is the Modified Search View. The search view location has shifted to the top center of the screen.

Because of this new feature search has been easier by combining the Filter, Group by, and Favorites options into one convenient search tab. Hence it is way more effective than before for all the users.

Wizard Flexibility 

Odoo 17 release provides a draggable wizard as a new feature that allows users to move the wizard as per requirement. It will easily assist the users to see more of the underlying form.

All you have to do is just click and drag the bar to the spot you like, and you can move the wizard all around.

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Demand for Dark Mode

Dark Mode is a popular feature that has long been requested and is finally available. It enables users to switch to a dark color scheme, which is easier on the eyes in low-light conditions.

Kanban and Sticky Headers

Both of these features are very helpful, as they allow users to pin the header to the top of the screen so that it will remain visible while scrolling down as well. 

Both features are great ways to improve the usability of the lists and Kanban boards. Their main aim is to help users stay organized and gather information rapidly.

Add Products From The catalog

The Odoo 17 release will allow users to add products directly from a catalog in Kanban View. This new feature will save users time and will make the sales process easier. 

The product that you add directly from the catalog will be added as draft lines to the sales order. The bonus is the user can change the price, quantity, and other details of the product as required.

Quick Keyboard Shortcuts

Users can use the keyboard shortcuts for the quick selection of records. All they have to use is the Shift+Down arrow to choose more records. For deselecting, use the Shit+ Up arrow.

The New To-Do's

Odoo 17 new To-do feature is one of the strong tools that can assist users in managing tasks and staying organized. You can say it's a replacement for the old Notes app. Hence, it allows users to create, manage, and track tasks. 

Have questions? Raise a hand in meetings

This new feature allows users or participants to raise their hand, in meetings to express their desire to speak.

It is specifically designed to improve the efficiency and inclusivity of virtual meetings by providing all the participants an equal opportunity to contribute. 

New Features For Manufacturing

Odoo 17 has been beneficial for manufacturing businesses also. It helps to manage the production orders effectively, track the inventory accurately, and generate custom reports.

Odoo Point-of-Sale

In today's technology-trending world, mobile devices hold a key role, and Odoo 17 release features contribute to this trend.

1. Easy Mobile Orders and payments

The Odoo 17 POS module provides easy mobile orders and payment options. It helps businesses to understand their customers' requirements better, compared to a traditional stationary POS system that can not be this convenient.

2. Kitchen Screen for Advertising (KDS For Kitchen)

We all know, the kitchen is a place where magic happens. Odoo 17 releases it by launching a Kitchen Screen feature that displays orders to the staff in real-time.
It helps in improving order accuracy and preparation efficiency breaking the communication barrier between kitchen and front-of-house.

3. Appointments

Appointments for managing space and facility reservations are important for every business, from hotels to conference centers.
Understanding this demand of the market, Odoo 17 has launched an appointment feature that will make this process easier.
A user can easily book and manage reservations, making sure an optimal space utilization.

4. Spreadsheet Integration

Odoo 17 has been integrating spreadsheet functionality, as it is a staple in business operations. It will be easy for users to work with Spreadsheet data within Odoo.
User does not have to shift between the applications, as it also enhances the data analysis and reporting capabilities.

5. Multiple RTOs (Return to Origin)

Odoo 17 supporting the multiple RTO options has been beneficial to businesses dealing with complex logistics.
The new feature allows businesses to manage returns more efficiently by improving customer satisfaction and reducing operation complexities.

6. Progressive Web App Support (PWA)

PWA offers a seamless and responsive experience through multiple devices. It makes sure that users can access their business data anytime, anywhere.

7. Shopping Cart Promotions

Advertising and Promotion are strong marketing tools, Odoo 17 acknowledges their importance. In a new feature, the promotional offers are directly displayed in the shopping cart, ensuring that customers are aware of and benefit from ongoing promotions while checking out.

Final words

Odoo 17 release appears with great new features to enhance the user experience and transform it into a more flexible and robust platform for managing businesses.
Above are the great features we have discussed in detail which will surely make it easier for businesses to manage their operations and collaborate with their teams.

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