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How To Create Pricelist In Odoo ?

How To Create Pricelist In Odoo ?

There are two types of price list here:

    1) Vendor Price List

    2) Sales Price List

How to create a Vendor Price List?

First go to settings > User & Companies > User and select whatever user you are. In Access Rights tab Scroll down and in Technical settings enable following options,

    1) Manage Price list Items
    2) Sales Price list
    3) Price list on Product

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Then go to purchase module > Configuration > settings > scroll down to products and enable

    Vendor Price list

and save  settings.

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For creating vendor price list click on Purchase tab > Vendor Price list > Create > Fill all fields to create the vendor price list.You'll find your screen as below.

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There's another way to create vendor price list that is go to any product > Click Purchase tab > Vendor section  > Click On the Add line then pop will be generated, fill the fields of price list.

Prime Terms related to Vendor Price list :-

Validity & minimal Quantity is prime terms for a vendor price list. Validity is a time period for which a particular price list is valid and minimal quantity is number of quantity of product for which price list is applicable.

How to create a Sales Price list?

For creating Sales Price list go to Sales module > Configuration > settings > In pricing section enable multiple sales price per product.

Now click on products tab > Price list > Create >

Fill the details. Your screen will be look like as below

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Country groups is for that country you are validating price list you can choose single or group of companies.In price list Items section you can customize the different groups of product on which price list is applicable.

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