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How To Setup Multilevel Approval For Purchase Orders In Odoo ?

How To Setup Multilevel Approval For Purchase Orders In Odoo ?

Multilevel Approval For Purchase Order In Odoo 13 

Purchases → Configurations → Settings → Orders →  Purchase Order Approval

You can set the minimum purchase amount limit by Manager or Admin.

Purchase Order Approval In Odoo

Now Create Purchase Order by a User account (Demo User) with an amount exceeding the limit set by Manager or Admin user. 

Purchase Order In Odoo

We have created a RFQ with an amount exceeded so It will go to the To Approve Stage.

RFQ In Odoo

Now, Approval Requests will go to Manager/Admin so it can be approved by Manager/Admin. Approve Stage.

Purchase Order Approval

Once It is Approved by the Manager/Admin, Now you can see in the Demo User account that it is approved and rest of the procedure will be same as normal purchases.

Purchase Management In Odoo

Conclusion :

This is how multi level approval for purchase Orders Works.You can get more information about Purchase Management by checking OdoOdoo Free Online Demo.

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