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How To Use Equipment Management In Odoo ?

How To Use Equipment Management In Odoo ?

Equipment Management In Odoo

Business always has a variety of equipment for various functionality, It is very important to manage and maintain each equipment. 

In Odoo Maintenance module is to track the equipment and easy to handle maintenance of the equipment. In this module, You can define Maintenance teams, Equipment, Equipment Categories and Maintenance stages.

Now, Let’s check how to manage equipment in Odoo.

First step is to install the Maintenance Module in your database. 

 Odoo Maintenance Module Odoo Maintenance Module 

Now go to the Maintenance Module and you can see the maintenance dashboard with the maintenance team and check the status of each team from Dashboard.

Now Go to Maintenance → Configurations

You can define the 

  • Maintenance Team
  • Equipment Categories
  • Maintenance stages
  • Activity Types. 

Maintenance Teams

Now Go to Maintenance → Configurations → Maintenance Team

You can provide the name of the Maintenance Team, While requesting a new maintenance you can define the name and team members for that Maintenance Team.

 Maintenance TeamMaintenance Team

Equipment Categories

Now Go to Maintenance → Configurations → Equipment Categories

You can create new categories of equipment with filling some data likes Category Name, Responsible, Company etc

Equipment CategoriesEquipment Categories

Maintenance Stages

Now Go to Maintenance → Configurations → Maintenance Stages

You can define different stages of your maintenance request based on your specific requirements. i.e Once you create a maintenance request it passes through various stages like New Request, In Progress, Repaired, Scrap.


 Maintenance StagesMaintenance Stages

You can create new equipment for the department or Employee,

Go to Maintenance → Equipments → Machines & Tools


Create EquipmentCreate Equipments

You can fill details like Equipment Name, Equipment Category, Company, Used By Department OR Employee OR Other, Maintenance Team, Technician, Assigned Date, Product Information, Maintenance details and description etc

 Create Equipment For MaintenanceCreate Equipment For Maintenance

Create Maintenance Requests

You can create a Maintenance request for the equipment, 

Go to Maintenance → Maintenance → Maintenance Requests

 Create Maintenance For EquipmentsCreate Maintenance For Equipments

You can check kanban view of Maintenance request and check the different stages like New Request, In Progress, Repaired, Scrap etc

 Kanban View For Maintenance RequestKanban View For Maintenance Request

That is everything general about the management of equipment in the Maintenance module, Odoo 13.


This is all about Equipment Management in Odoo 13 to manage and maintain business equipment. 

CandidRoot, Odoo Service Provider Company is always ready to help you for Implementation of Equipment Maintenance Module in your business by providing various Odoo Services.

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