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How WordPress Can be Used To Develop Any Type Of Website ?

How WordPress Can be Used To Develop Any Type Of Website ?

Before 20 years WordPress was released, At that time it was only for Blog websites but gradually it converted into a strong Content Management System (CMS).  Day by Day more number of WordPress released and the number of features added to it. Also there are many plug-ins available so it is possible to use WordPress for many different types of Website.

WordPress as CMS (Content Management System)

WordPress has many great features that help to make it a good CMS. Here are few reasons why it is one of the most popular Content Management System. 

  • It is very easy to use it which does not require programming knowledge of PHP to do set and configuration. 

  • Admin Panel is with a good interface which helps to make WordPress one of the easy software to manage. 

  • WordPress has a large community to get large support and it is easier to get help if required. 

  • WordPress Plug-ins will help enhance basic features of CMS website 

  • It is easier to create posts or web pages in WordPress Content Management and other functionalities i.e Multi-user Support, Admin, Author, Editor etc

WordPress as blog

WordPress is the most popular blogging software along with a robust content management system. WordPress has evolved into a very good CMS now and a blog built in as well. It is highly customizable based on specific requirements and some features can be also added by plug-ins. SEO is very important for any website so SEO tools are available in WordPress which is a big advantage. 

WordPress as eCommerce website 

Currently a very high percentage of website online have been developed using WordPress and there is no eCommerce facility is available in WordPress but there are several plug-ins that can be used along with WordPress to make website into fully eCommerce website and one of the most popular plug-ins is WooCommerce. 

There are many eCommerce Open Source ecommerce platforms are available in the market but WooCommerce of WordPress is popular eCommerce software because of built in great content management and blog to enhance the website. 

Using WordPress to develop any type of Website

WordPress is a very rich software with robust CMS and built-in blog functionality. Apart from this there are other plug-ins available which are developed by WordPress Development Company to enhance functionality of the website. There are some plug-in available that can transform your CMS website into an eCommerce website, a forum, a blog, a social network and more. 

Also it is possible to customize WordPress as per specific business requirements. WordPress also allows you to develop plug-ins as per requirements of your website which will give full control to the developer. Plug-ins are an important feature for websites which will act as a development booster. This means that it is possible for an experienced WordPress developer to create a plug-in that matches your custom requirements. 


 Web Development at CandidRoot 

CandidRoot, Wordpress Development Company has developed a great number of websites over the years and  We are involved in Custom WordPress Development as well. Our skilled development team and good infrastructure to deliver the website in time with best quality.

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