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How WordPress Customization Helps To Create Great Blogs ?

How WordPress Customization Helps To Create Great Blogs ?

  • It is an Open Source Platform 

  • Great CMS along with built in blogs 

  • Easy to design and develop website with a rich widgets and many Free or Paid Plug-ins

  • Website personalisation is easy using WordPress 

  • Allow other Free or Paid themes to be installed to make website more attractive 

  • WordPress tool make easy to create and publish content 

Advanced Settings With Theme Options 

All the WordPress version since WordPress v3.4 are having theme customizer to make changes into WordPress website. Each theme has its own frame and settings so customization option may vary based on it.  

YouTube Video Embedding 

It is easy to embed video. Website visitors can click on YouTube videos and check out some interesting visual content on the website. You can select, Copy Embed Code, Go to WordPress Editor and place the code using HTML editing. You can get embedded code from YouTube. 

Easy Visual and Video Integration  

The HTML editor and Visual editor are built in your WordPress and it can be used to edit pages and content in your website. The visual editor helps you to improve the look & feel of your website because you can choose different styles in WordPress Customization options. Adding and including some images in video content is easy. 

Pagination for Long Post To Break Into Pages 

It is very useful to write long content for a website. It will give consistent breaks to the long post and convert into several pages and your customer can navigate to the Next Page to read the whole post which helps daily readers to read long posts easily.

Permalink Settings for SEO 

It is one of the most important features of SEO of websites as it can help to make your website SEO friendly and which gives your website good ranking and position. WordPress’s Permalink configuration, you can choose five different Permalink structures or possible to define custom structure based on requirements. It is easy to add year, month, class, mail name, author and other tags to the Permalink.

Recent Posts On The Side Or Bottom 

WordPress has its own section to manage different widgets. It is easy to add recent posts or galleries in Footer or Sidebar and there is no need of hadcore WordPress developer to do it. Based on theme structure, design and flexibility, users can add, edit or delete widgets for the sidebar, footer or a title.  

Dynamic Plug-Ins for Website Customization 

It is easy to add new features or social media sections by using plug-ins. WordPress repository has many different plug-ins to extend website functionality, add additional features to your website based on specific requirements. 

Strong SEO To Increase The Website Rank 

Easy settings to hide or unhide search engine robot’s website with a few clicks. This option is helpful when your website or blog is under development where there is no proper content or some demo content inside it so no need to create a dictionary for it. Once your website ready to launch then make sure that it should get discovered. 

Secret Display Settings For WordPress Website 

 It is easy to get display settings in WordPress Dashboard, It is available in a small drop-down menu located in the upper right corner inside the dashboard. There are amazing display options and screen settings as tags, categories, pictures etc but options are different based on theme and plug-in. 

Easy to Restore Previous Version 

Sometimes it is required to restore pages or messages from previous versions so there are rules defined in WordPress and one of them is Post Revisions. Currently the facility to save all previous versions of the page and easily restore them. It is useful when you are making changes in a website and don’t want to publish at that time but you can save it for future use. 

How WordPress Can be Used To Develop Any Type Of Website ?

Conclusion :

WordPress Content Management System is adaptive and flexible with less or more knowledge about WordPress can create great websites using built in functionality. You can choose WordPress Development Company to create your specific design into a website by WordPress Customization. 



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