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Increase Your Business with Odoo Integration

Increase Your Business with Odoo Integration


Being an amazing ERP stage, Odoo Integration is very much flexible and adaptable with payment acquirers, shipping/delivery service  providers, E-commerce Store , Social Media, SMS Service Providers, Point of Sale through developers API.


Currently one of the most powerful module of Odoo is “Odoo Ecommerce” Module which helps seamless management of products, Customer can access it using website easily along with other module such as Sales, CRM, Inventory. These features of Odoo E-commerce merely enhance your business efficiency. However, if you wish to urge the foremost out of the Odoo E-commerce module, you wish to integrate them with any value-adding tools that enhance its performance level like Payment gateway integration, Social media integration, Shipping/delivery integration which helps to enhance the performance of default Odoo Ecommerce module. 


Once your client’s business in growing stage, It requires to automate all business processes with different Odoo integrations, Along-with third-party integration with Odoo will help to save too much of expenditures which will help in your business for better insertion of information, improvement in lead qualities, automation in process and so on. 


CandidRoot is having expertise in Odoo Integration with third-party tools using technical API library and web services in Odoo. Here we will go through some Odoo integrations by CandidRoot. 


Payment Gateway Integration


Integration with payment acquirer will help you to make transactions with credit/debit cards to collect money from clients across the globe which will help for great outcomes for your business. 


CandidRoot provides with different payment gateway integrations i.e BlueSnap, SecurionPay, PayFast, WePay, banquemisr MPGS, Authorize.Net, PayPal which helping in business to accept payments from customers.


CandidRoot ensure that the customer acquainted with the convenience of paying within the currency they recognize and let get pleasure from the localized shopping for expertise.

Our Odoo Modules for Payment Acquirer  BlueSnap Payment Acquirer   Securionpay Payment Acquirer and CardConnect Payment Acquirer


Shipping Integration 


Shipping is very important process associated with any manufacturing business. The products which are produced on a time shall reach to  the customer on a specific time period. This will increase customer satisfaction and additionally will maintain delivery of the product intact. 


In a business internal transportation facilities may not be sufficient to deliver all the products to the customer side very quickly. In this kind of cases, Manufacturer can take advantage of other  third party shipping providers. 


In Odoo there is facility to add third-party shippers by API integration to link with tracking system of transportation company, manage shipping cost etc. 


CandidRoot provides with different shipping integrations i.e Aftership Integration, GoShippo for Odoo back-end as well as Front-end, Lazada, Shopee etc



Social Media Integration


Now a days, Business without social network integrations looks like a cake without icing. The integration of social media websites with your business giving good benefits, The social media sites like Facebook and Twitter will help to spread your business message to your intended or targeted audience group. 


With no constraints of your time, social media permits you to escort individuals whenever from anywhere. Odoo Integration with social media platforms opens the doors of referrals where your satisfied clients talk about your products or services which results to generate interests among others. 


This referral system automatically give good business by growing clients. Using Odoo social media integration, business organizations can advertise products or services inexpensively by replacing the traditional way of advertising which results to expand business reach with minimum costs. 


CandidRoot Odoo integrations with social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Telegram, Google+ to acquire information of prospects, adding contact details to address book and trigger communication with prospects in real-time. 


SMS Gateway Integration 


An SMS API allows you to integrate SMS services together with your web site, third-party application, mobile app or CRM. during this extremely competitive on-line environment, SMS app integration becomes a measurable advantage against popular apps. SMS service provider’s API used to make a good connection between your CRM or ERP and SMS service provider. 


There is no business that is untouched by the advantages of growing and leading SMS APIs. SMS are especially quick and there is productive and remarkable cost-effectiveness of SMS into your marketing strategy. An SMS API allows you to access any service of the API's provider directly from your personal application.


If your business is having requirements to use SMS for marketing activity using Odoo, Get in touch with us for SMS Gateway Integration in Odoo. We have experience of integration of SMS service providers like Msg91, Twilio SMS, Way2SMS, Bulk SMS and so on.


These are few listed integration but being Odoo integration service provider we have performed other integration like POS integration with Fuel System, Integration of Odoo with ecommerce service providers magento, Shopify and Woo-Commerce and Biometric integration or Face detection in Odoo to automate attendance system of Employee. 


With CandidRoot Odoo Integration Service, You can improve, associate, execute and streamline your business operations in a professional manner. 


To know more about the possibilities of Odoo integration with other third party APIs, contact CandidRoot Team at info@candidroot.com
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