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It's Time to Adopt an ERP? Check Out Seven Signals.

It's Time to Adopt an ERP? Check Out Seven Signals.

The growth of the company depends on several factors which includes handling different departments correctly, having efficient  communication channel, good customer service and much more. If your business is not showing promise in the last year, then it’s time for managing your company process much better by implementing an ERP solution.

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) can handle different business processes with centralized approach which streamline your business which connects and integrates all business processes which results to no data can get loss in the long term.

But, when should your company consider ERP solution? There are multiple signals that can tell you that you need to implement ERP in your business as soon as possible.

Let's get started with the seven signs that tell you to change to ERP solution.

Top ERP Signals Calling For Change

1.Wrong Inventory Numbers

Getting different inventory numbers in the calculation and reality. If you find a difference in the inventory counts and the number of papers, it is now the right time to automate the whole inventory process. The deviation or error can be due to manual entry. ERP software can easily automate the inventory process including after sales processes and delivery methods.

2.Lack of Reporting

Reporting is essential for the success of any organization. Without reporting, it is difficult to get the necessary information. The analytics would not be useful if it installed without any reporting tool or automation. All of this will lead to a lack of customer insight, growth or any other analytics. The lack of analytical decision making will hamper the business in the long run, and that's why it is a good time to implement ERP system in company with the capability of good reporting.

3.Losing Revenue and Customers

The biggest signal is the decrease of customers and eventually revenues. The loss of consumers can easily be attributed to the bad customer service, lack of CRM features, lack of any marketing strategy and much more. All of these can be fixed with an ERP system. The main reason for revenue and customers is the lack of logical flow required for making a profit.

4.Not able to handle regulations

Company has to follow many regulations, It can be region specific, trade specific, manufacturing specific and so on. Regulations need to be monitored by governing bodies, and they are bound to change in due time. If your company is finding it hard to cope up with the regulation, documentation, staff training or anything that needs to be regulated, it is high time to check what your current system is capable off. Most of the aspects can be automated and worked up by an ERP system.

5.Poor Accounting

Any SMEs company would need to possess a correct accounting in business. If you discover that there's a flat structure of invoice or higher say a poor approach of handling the accounting, it's time to travel for ERP implementation and work on the various aspects of the accounting. ERP not solely managed the accounting procedure however additionally updates completely different modules in any business as well as Sales, CRM, Purchase, HR, Payroll, accounting etc.

6.Lack of mobile access to software

These days, it’s key that your groups will access the software system they have to manage and steer your business from where they're operating. this is often particularly the case for selling and shopper relationship management employees who have to be compelled to be able to access and update prospect and account info after they are on the move. search for software system that's accessible via a spread of devices – together with smartphones and tablets – from where web access is on the market.

7.Old ERP System

Just like humans, ERP system conjointly encompasses a life. it's pertinent to mention that associate ERP last for 7-10 years at scoop. After that, it becomes arduous to take care of or upgrade it with new practicality. If you think that your ERP isn't upgraded friendly or is failing to try to to current business method expeditiously, it's high-time to induce a replacement ERP system. Our recommendation would be Odoo, associate open supply business suite ERP that aims to deliver the simplest at school ERP answer for any business. it's conjointly straightforward to try Odoo development and customize the ERP in keeping with corporations demand.


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