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Making Sense of Odoo's Pricing Tiers: Selecting the Ideal Package

Making Sense of Odoo's Pricing Tiers: Selecting the Ideal Package

A Brief Overview of Odoo ERP

Odoo Versions

Open Source

Free for everyone, this version provides essential features for running a business smoothly. It's a great starting point for those looking to explore the basics. 

Enterprise Edition

Odoo Enterprise Edition is the premium package that comes with all the powerful features to take your business to the next level! Packed with advanced functionalities, security upgrades, and top-notch support, it's the go-to choice for businesses aiming high. 

Imagine getting not just one, but a whole bunch of incredible apps that seamlessly work together – from accounting and inventory to customer relations and beyond. With Odoo Enterprise Edition, you're not just managing your business; you're supercharging it! 

Odoo ERP, with its modular design, takes the lead in transforming business operations. Scalable and flexible, Odoo covers a range of applications, from accounting and inventory to human resources and customer relationship management. 

Whether you're a startup or an established enterprise, Odoo's diverse functionalities and user-friendly approach make it an ideal choice. Boost your business forward and experience the future of business management with Odoo ERP.

Odoo Versions

Choosing Odoo Enterprise brings a wealth of functionalities and support that truly justifies the investment. The Odoo Enterprise License cost is structured into three plans:

1. Free/One App

True to its name, this version comes at no cost. Enjoy unlimited user access to a single app without any charges.

2. Standard

Unlock multiple app access for unlimited users with the Standard plan. Priced at a pocket-friendly INR 580 monthly (or INR 760 if you prefer the yearly savings), this plan is designed for businesses ready to soar. 

Imagine unlimited users seamlessly navigating through multiple apps, backed by robust maintenance, hosting, and support. It's not just a plan; it's your business companion, simplifying operations and supercharging efficiency. Choose the Odoo Standard Plan, and let your business journey become a smooth and cost-effective adventure!

3. Custom

Customize Odoo to your unique requirements with the Custom plan. Ideal for managing multiple companies on a single database, this plan allows customization through Odoo Studios, on-premise hosting, or custom development. For just INR 890 monthly (or INR 1,140 annually for savvy savers), this plan is your customized business ally. It's not just about apps; it's about making Odoo uniquely yours.

Odoo's transparent pricing model ensures you choose the plan that best aligns with your budget and business needs. Explore the possibilities and streamline your business operations with Odoo Enterprise.

Discovering the Odoo Community Pricing Model

The Odoo Community version is an open-source gem, available for users to download completely free. This version comes packed with essential apps, including a Website Builder, Blogs, Forums, Live Chat, and eLearning. It grants users access to fundamental business tools like Sales, CRM, Point of Sale, Invoicing, Project, Inventory, Purchase, and Manufacturing.

Moreover, in the Marketing and Human Resources apps, users can unlock specific features such as Email Marketing, Surveys, SMS, and more. Odoo Community provides a robust foundation for managing various aspects of your business without any licensing fees.

Understanding Odoo Implementation Costs

When it comes to implementing Odoo, you have three simple options:

1. In-House Implementation

Handle the implementation process internally with your tech team.

2. Purchasing the Odoo Success Pack from a Vendor

Elevate your Odoo experience with the Odoo Success Pack – your ticket to a journey of seamless implementation and unparalleled support! Purchasing this pack from a trusted vendor is like having a seasoned guide on your business adventure. 

Priced at USD 3,060 for the Basic tier, it grants you 25 hours of expert assistance. Whether it's for app integration, data import, or tackling advanced functionalities, the Odoo Success Pack ensures your business sets sail smoothly. With a dedicated consultant by your side, this pack is your key to unlocking the full potential of Odoo. 

3. Working with an Implementation Partner

Collaborate with a certified Odoo implementation partner, especially if you lack an experienced tech team, to maximize the benefits of the software.


 750 $

  • 25 Hours Support Pack


1500 $


  • 50 Hours Support Pack


3000 $

  • 100 Hours Support Pack


6000 $

  • 200 Hours Support Pack

Choose the method and level that best suits your needs, and embark on a smooth Odoo implementation journey.

Decoding Odoo License Cost

The Odoo license cost begins at an affordable $20 per software user, billed annually. While the specific cost may vary based on the chosen modules, Odoo remains a cost-effective choice when compared to alternatives like Microsoft Dynamics or NetSuite.

Factors Affecting Odoo Pricing

1. Odoo License Cost.

Odoo provides two main editions—Odoo Community Edition (CE) and Odoo Enterprise Edition (EE). The Community Edition, catering to small and medium-sized businesses, is open source and free. In contrast, the Odoo Enterprise Edition offers advanced features, dedicated support, and additional modules for larger enterprises, with subscription-based costs.

2. Number of Odoo Users.

Odoo's New pricing structure is influenced by the number of users accessing the system. The cost, now based on a per-user basis, varies between the community and Enterprise editions.

3. Hosting and Infrastructure.

Odoo offers multiple deployment options, such as cloud hosting, on-premises installation, or utilizing Odoo's cloud service. Each hosting type comes with its cost implications. Cloud hosting and Odoo's cloud service involve recurring costs, while on-premises installation requires an initial infrastructure investment and ongoing maintenance.

4. Customization and Integration.

Customizing and integrating Odoo with other systems can impact the overall implementation cost. Customizing the software to align with your unique business processes or integrating it with existing solutions may involve additional development efforts, resulting in additional expenses.

5. Support and Maintenance for Smooth Operations.

After deploying the software, many implementation partners provide support and maintenance services to prevent system breakdowns and ensure smooth operations. Keep in mind that post-sales support services will influence your overall Odoo pricing. It's an essential investment to sustain the efficiency and reliability of your system over time.
Understanding these key factors will help you estimate your Odoo pricing more accurately, ensuring you choose the options that best suit your business needs and budget. 

Calculating Odoo's Impact on Your Business Today.

Understanding the importance of Odoo pricing is key, providing clarity on your investment and potential areas for cost savings. This insight empowers businesses to optimize resources, allocate funds efficiently, and streamline the implementation process. 

Given that Odoo is a comprehensive business management tool, a strategic overview of its modules allows you to modify your selection to the specific needs of your business. This not only makes the implementation smoother but also reduces training costs, enhancing employee efficiency.

Key Features of Odoo Cloud ERP

Robust Communication Tools

Odoo integrates a powerful communication tool, keeping every member connected. The internal messaging features ensure seamless tracking of communication related to sales, orders, and purchases, offering real-time data through organized dashboards.

Mobile Responsiveness

While Odoo is entirely web-based, it provides a mobile preview, enabling access to information on the go through mobile phones and tablets. its three-tier mobile application platform ensures continual upgrades for optimal performance.

Easy Integration Support

Odoo facilitates easy integration with third-party applications, allowing modules to be integrated wisely based on industry needs. Integration with other ERP solutions, such as SAP B1, saves money for businesses transitioning from previous ERP systems.

Abundance of Applications.

Known as a community ERP software, Odoo serves as a one-stop shop with over 10,000 applications in its App Store. Modules cover a wide range, including accounting, HRM, CRM, sales, marketing, supply chain management, warehouse management, and inventory management.


Odoo Cloud ERP is highly customizable to suit the unique needs of various industries. From wholesale and retail businesses to healthcare, hospitality, construction, education, and beyond, Odoo customization ensures a tailored fit for diverse business requirements.

Cost-Effective Advantages of Odoo Partners

Considering Odoo ERP software for your business? Opting for Odoo implementation partners can bring various cost benefits to the table. Let's explore some key advantages associated with partnering with Odoo implementation experts:

1. Efficient Implementation

Odoo Implementation partners, with their extensive experience, streamline the deployment process, reducing time and effort. This efficiency translates into cost savings through quicker time-to-value.

2. Customization

Odoo partners efficiently customize the ERP system to meet your specific business needs, avoiding costly in-house development. This ensures desired outcomes without excessive expenses.

3. Reduced Training Costs

Many Odoo partners offer training as part of their implementation packages, minimizing additional expenses for your staff. This ensures your team is proficient in using the ERP system from the start.

4. Access to Expertise

Leveraging Odoo partners' deep understanding of the ecosystem helps avoid costly mistakes, aligning your implementation with industry standards.

5. Ongoing Support and Maintenance

Odoo partners offer ongoing support, preventing unexpected expenses related to system downtime. Timely assistance and updates contribute to long-term cost savings.

6. Scalability and Flexibility

Partners design scalable ERP solutions, eliminating the need for a new system as your organization expands, and saving long-term costs.

7. Risk Mitigation
Odoo partners follow successful implementation methodologies, reducing the likelihood of costly setbacks during the complex ERP system deployment.

8. Cost Transparency

Odoo partners provide upfront cost estimates and project plans, ensuring transparency in implementation expenses for effective budgeting and cost management.

9. Comprehensive Solution

Odoo partners offer a holistic solution, covering software license costs, hardware recommendations, integrations, and customization services. This consolidation can save time and money.

10. Access to Odoo Ecosystem

Partners leverage Odoo’s ecosystem for pre-built solutions, reducing development costs and accelerating implementation.

Final Thoughts

Selecting the ideal Odoo package involves a thoughtful consideration of your business's size, complexity, budget, and specific requirements. Begin by assessing your current needs and anticipating future growth. Take advantage of Odoo's flexibility to scale your solution as your business evolves. 

If you're taking your first steps with the Free App Service or customizing your experience with the Custom Apps Service, Odoo invites businesses to embrace a future where efficiency, innovation, and growth go hand in hand.

Whether you're a small startup exploring the basics or a large enterprise with intricate operations, Odoo's pricing levels cater to a spectrum of business needs. At CandidRoot Solutions, we understand the significance of this decision. 

Our commitment is to guide you through the Odoo ecosystem, ensuring that your choice aligns seamlessly with your unique requirements. As an Odoo expert, we specialize in translating your business needs into the optimal Odoo package, unlocking a world of possibilities for your business.
Empower your business with the right tools, the right features, and the right support. Let Odoo's pricing levels be the foundation upon which you build your path to success. Whether you're driven by innovation, scalability, or advanced customization, CandidRoot Solutions is here to boost your Odoo experience.

Choose not just a package but a partner in growth. Your success story begins with the right Odoo package, and we're here to script it with you. Let's embark on this journey together, tailored to your success, and empowered by Odoo.


Is Odoo available for free?  Yes, Odoo offers a free version known as Odoo Community Edition. Users can download and use this open-source software without any licensing fees. However, additional costs may be associated with hosting, customization, and support services.

What is the pricing for Odoo? The cost of Odoo depends on the edition chosen. The Odoo Community Edition is free, while the Odoo Enterprise Edition follows a subscription-based pricing model. The Enterprise Edition pricing varies based on the number of users and the specific modules required.

What are the advantages of using Odoo?

  1. Open-source and customizable.
  2. User-friendly interface.
  3. Strong community support.
  4. Regular updates and new features.
  5. Integration capabilities with third-party apps.

What are the drawbacks of Odoo?

  1. Customization might require technical expertise.
  2. Enterprise Edition involves subscription costs.
  3. Advanced features in some modules are limited in the Community Edition.
  4. The learning curve for complex functionalities.

Why prefer Odoo over SAP?

Choosing between Odoo and SAP depends on business needs. Odoo is known for its cost-effectiveness, user-friendly interface, and flexibility. SAP, on the other hand, is robust for large enterprises but often comes with higher costs and complexity.

How much does it cost to implement Odoo?

The cost of Odoo implementation varies based on factors such as the implementation method, customization needs, and the choice of implementation partner. Costs may include software configuration, training, and support services.

What is the cost of Odoo training?

The cost of Odoo Training can vary based on the training method chosen. Odoo offers online training courses, and costs may include course fees and any additional training materials. Implementation partners may also provide training services with associated costs.

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