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Odoo 13 Roadmap - What are New Expected Features ?

Odoo 13 Roadmap - What are New Expected Features ?

Odoo ERP is a software that covers all your business requirements. It also helps you to improve the quality and the efficiency of your business. When there is a change in the functioning of the company, Odoo ERP helps to adopt the changes and provide flexibility. Another highly useful feature is that, data security is present.
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The Odoo v13 is expected to get released during the Odoo experience to be held in October 2019.
Now we are moving to look at the roadmap for the Odoo v13. This blog is written based on Odoo v13 road map session presented during the Odoo Experience 2018.
  1. In Apps Purchase (IAP)

  2. Odoo Bank

  3. OCR

  4. Accountant As A Service

  5. Integration with Recruitment Websites

  6. Internet Of Things (IoT)

  7. Stock Management Enhancement

  8. Maintenance

  9. Track Positions

  10. Record Attendance

  11. Industry Focus

In Apps Purchase

With this feature, User can able to purchase more services directly from Odoo database that's what Odoo call in-app purchase. This new feature in Odoo v13 will help user to save  much time because user will be able to integrate Odoo v13 with third-party vendors and directly share the information with them and payment is directly made from Odoo which will help to save time.

Odoo Bank

If you want to expand or grow your business, Investment is an unavoidable factor. Business has to find some fund or investment to make progress in business and waiting for bank to approve loan for business and this is time-consuming and tiring. Odoo suppress this time consuming process and simplify loan procedure by intending to offer loans directly from Odoo. This will help to get some cash very easy and fast on the immediate basis.


OCR feature is already introduced in Odoo v12. This will help user to scan record and fetch details automatically and also provisions to get it recorded in the system. For example  : If you have business card or pdf report vendor bill, You can just upload in your system, The system will get it scanned and record of the pdf in the system making whole process easier.

Accountant As A Service

If you do not have an accountant who has knowledge of Odoo Accounting, Odoo helps you to provide suitable accountant as a alternative for you that will work on Odoo. Odoo provides the one who has knowledge of Odoo. This will help you to save time and money as you will not have to transfer your accounting data from other accounting software, as all the data will be centralized and you enclose someone who has a knowledge of full system.

Integration with Recruitment Websites

It will be easier to post a job in recruitment website like monster, indeed in one click and that will be good feature for HR department.

Stock Management Enhancement

It is possible to see that in Odoo v13 will use internet of things (IoT) in stock management. It connects hardware in the rack/shelves in such a manner that the hardware will calculate stock and provide you information about on-hand stock as well as deficit of stock details in real-time.


In maintenance also IoT will be used to monitor the devices clearly and know about status of each machine or equipment and it will reduce downtime of it.

Track Position

There is probability to add tracking the Fleet, Stock etc with live tracking so we can easily know about where exactly products or stock are there. It will be helpful for a company having big warehouse so tracking of products or stock will be easier.

For Example : In case of fleet, we can easily get location of the fleet.

We have discussed some points about Odoo v13 RoadMap, You can also check video which is presented during Odoo experience below :


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