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Odoo 15 Roadmap - What are New Expected Features ?

Odoo 15 Roadmap - What are New Expected Features ?


The most important part is that Odoo understands the value of its users so every year Odoo is coming up with new features and updates every year to boost the reliability and experience of its users. 

Next version of Odoo is about to launch in the upcoming few months, Unlike the previous version Odoo will come up with some major improvements and advancements. 

Let’s discuss in details about Odoo 15 expected features, 

Odoo 15 Introduction 

Odoo 14 was introduced last year with a 2 days event held on 30th September to 1st October 2020 and due to COVID it was an online event but many participants were involved in the event. Odoo 15 is expected to launch on 6th October to 7th October 2021 and it is also an online event this year so this year we will have a launch of Odoo 15 at your home. 


Now let’s discuss Odoo 15 new features, In every release of Odoo with the same as previous trends like come up with new and updated features to uplift the overall experience of Odoo. 

Odoo 15 Expected Features 

New Import Screen 

The first feature is to extend the experience in Odoo with a new importing screen. This New Import Screen has a new menu to handle cash rounding so it is a good experience to generate the invoice in the accounting section. 

In the management feature, You will find a separate cash rounding segment so to use this feature, You can use the previously developed methods of rounding for customer invoice and use it for new one. 

Improvements In Pivot and Graph Views 

The great feature in Odoo ERP is representation of data with Pivot and Graph views so there will be updates in Pivot and Graph views and there is a possibility to edit and adjust the graph using Odoo studio using Odoo 15 version. 

If you can edit the graph view in the studio, It will extend the representation of the data and it will provide valuable insights of data so it will be a better comparison between different values. 

New HTML Editor

Odoo 15 will be with a new HTML editor which is similar to text editors but it is with HTML codes so many developers are using that to extend the productivity so this new HTML editor is more attractive. 

Coupon and Promotion Program In POS 

In earlier versions the Coupon and Promotion program is for Sale and eCommerce Website but in Odoo 15 whatever coupon is created using Coupon & Promotion Program that can be used for Sale, eCommerce Website and POS as well. 

It will be in the POS settings to Enable Coupon and Promotions and under the product menu you will have the option to create Coupon and Promotion as per your business needs for later use. From the POS order cashier can click on the Enter Code button and apply the Coupons for Point of Sale Order which will be reflected in the invoice of the customer. 

Looking at the previous trends of Odoo releases, There will be enhanced user experience and Odoo 15 will blow your minds so we all have to wait till October to get the newer version of Odoo 15. 

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