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Odoo Mobile App- Managing your Business on The Go

Odoo Mobile App- Managing your Business on The Go

The Odoo mobile application helps businesses easily manage and access numerous elements of their business. You can manage sales, CRM, payroll, HR, manufacturing, inventory, invoices, accounting, and many other departments through this app on your mobile phone.

These apps are compatible with iOS and Android, and with the help of Odoo Implementation Services, they can easily integrate with desktops. You can easily download the Odoo app from its Odoo marketplace.

Odoo Mobile Apps Business - Benefits

Listed below are some advantages of using the Odoo mobile application

  • Streamlined operations - This application helps companies to simplify and streamline repetitive tasks.
  • Production improvement - Organizations may lessen their dependency on outdated technologies and prevent downtime by integrating Odoo mobile applications, ultimately increasing worker productivity.
  • One source of all information - With the integration of Odoo mobile apps, businesses can keep all information, irrespective of the sources, in one single place.
  • Efficient customer support - You can enhance customer service and deliver exceptional results by integrating apps and Odoo support.
  • Decisions driven by data and well-informed - Businesses can use the Odoo mobile apps to obtain real-time information, facilitating data-driven, informed decision-making.
  • Motivated workers - Because of these mobile applications' flexibility, you and your staff can work whenever and from any location, which benefits remote workers greatly and boosts productivity.
  • Transformation of the supply chain - The entire supply chain is streamlined with Odoo mobile app development, which makes it easier to track supplier and inventory data effectively.
  • Improved Interaction - Using Odoo mobile apps increases employee engagement and promotes better internal communication inside the company.

How Do You Access Odoo on a Tablet and Mobile Device?

Version 10 of Odoo and an official Android mobile application have been published. Beginning with Odoo 9, Odoo adopted a design optimized for mobile devices. Menus and apps were made with mobile and tablet devices in mind, with suitable flow and formatting. You can get the official Odoo mobile app from the Google Play store.

Odoo Mobile Framework

Odoo has an open-source framework allowing users to integrate the Odoo app into their Android devices. Among the most potent open-source frameworks is this one. With this framework and Odoo development, you can easily develop any application.

Nearly all Odoo-supported applications can be developed quickly with mobile frameworks when Odoo is created. This framework has its ORM to manage the local database (SQLite) on mobile devices.

Therefore, data coming from Odoo is not a cause for concern. It offers pre-built controls, providers, services, and more to improve and speed up your application.

What is Odoo WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is a very popular communication channel that is also being used by companies today. An organization can link a WhatsApp Business Account (WABA) to an Odoo database using the Odoo WhatsApp app and enable the below-mentioned features:

  • Utilize an Odoo database to receive and respond to WhatsApp messages directly.
  • Make fresh templates using variables and dynamic placeholders.
  • Provide pre-approved templates with dynamic variables, like the following:
    • Quotes from the Sales application
    • Invoices and receipts generated by the Point of Sale app
    • Using the Events app to purchase tickets

What is Odoo Mobile App Builder?

For your Odoo e-commerce store, the Odoo mobile app builder will offer mobile apps for iOS and Android. Your clients can purchase goods from the Odoo store without a desktop or laptop. Here are some amazing features associated with it:

  • It will turn your Odoo Store into a mobile application built with Flutter.
  • Using the Odoo mobile app, customers can easily visit your store while on the go.
  • It also offers enhanced features and capabilities to improve the user experience.
  • The Odoo mobile app is fully interoperable with the Odoo platform by default.
  • Shoppers find using the mobile application easier, which also boosts customer involvement.

How are Odoo’s Features and Pricing?

Odoo is a platform that was created specifically to meet every kind of need in a contemporary company. It is an affordable ERP support system with many other app connections, including WhatsApp, Google Maps, Amazon.com, and others.

It is also an API-friendly platform. You can use any one of three versions in your company. Because the community plan offers many capabilities that support the majority of ERP requirements, it is incredibly popular and frequently used.

The success packs are suggested for companies with 50 users or fewer. The third option is advised for business types with more than fifty users.

Are Apps on Odoo Free to Use?

As long as you utilize only one Odoo app, all apps are currently free on Odoo online. This deal covers an infinite number of cloud users. The goal is to use Odoo to assist millions of SMEs in expanding their companies, and the company focuses on dedicated to their success.

Odoo Rest API - What is it?

With the help of the Odoo REST API Module, you may use HTTP requests to view and edit data via a RESTful API for Odoo. The administrator can make the necessary JSON request to retrieve, create, update, and delete a record from the database. Either JSON or XML format can be used for the answer.

Easy Accessibility and Convenience with Odoo

Having the flexibility to access and execute activities from anywhere at any time is one of the main benefits of Odoo mobile apps. These applications enable you to stay in touch with your business operations at your desk, traveling, or at a conference.

From the comfort of your mobile device, you can monitor real-time data, answer customer questions, authorize purchase orders, verify inventory levels, and keep tabs on sales activity.

Effective CRM with Odoo

Effective customer relationship management (CRM) is essential for corporate success, and Odoo Mobile Apps offer strong CRM features. Salespeople get real-time access to lead and opportunity updates, customer records, and purchase histories. Whether you're at a trade show or a client meeting, this guarantees that vital customer information is easily accessible, enabling efficient customer engagement and sales management.

Time and Expense Management with Odoo

Time and expense tracking is critical for project-based firms or organizations with mobile workers. The Odoo Mobile Apps let you track project activity, register working hours, and submit expense reports from your phone. Employees and finance departments save time and effort due to improved accuracy, streamlined reimbursement procedures, and simplified administrative duties.

Easy Collaboration with Odoo

Within your organization, Odoo mobile apps make collaboration and communication simple. Efficiency and productivity are increased when team members can collaborate on projects, share updates, and stay in touch using technologies like activity feeds and real-time chat. Mobile apps let you interact efficiently while on the go, whether you need to share files, get
quick feedback, or talk about a project with a colleague.

Customization & Adaptability with Odoo

The highly configurable Odoo Mobile Apps can be made to meet particular business needs. The apps allow users to prioritize important functions and provide pertinent information according to their preferences. Owing to Odoo's modular design, integrating it with other Odoo modules or third-party apps is simple and expands the mobile apps' capabilities and adaptability to your business's demands.

How to Install Odoo?

You can follow the below steps to install Odoo:

  • You will receive a link to download the module's zip file after you buy the app from a recognized vendor, such as CandidRoot.
  • When the download is complete, extract the file from your computer. 
  • This folder should be copied and pasted inside the Odoo Add-Ons path.
  • Open the Odoo app now, then select the settings menu. Select "Activate the Developer Mode" here.
  • Then, select "Update Modules List" from the Apps menu.
  • Remove all the filters from the search bar and type "Module Name" into it. The module will be visible to you in the search result.
  • To install it, click "Install."

Final Thoughts

There are endless options for managing your business while on the go with the Odoo mobile app. You are prepared to take advantage of this mobile-powered comfort once you comprehend the significance of the server address and know where to find it.

This tool allows you to be in charge, even while working remotely, whether managing projects, keeping track of inventories, or overseeing chores. Now, take action by locating the server address, utilizing the Odoo mobile app to its fullest, and revolutionizing how you run your company.

You can take the help of experienced and recognized vendors, such as CandidRoot Solutions, for all your Odoo mobile app development needs and requirements.

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