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Odoo Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

Odoo Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

How To Use Product Lifecycle Management In Odoo ?

Odoo PLM

Odoo PLM feature aims to manage entire product data, Bill Of Materials (BoM), It’s revision and track the product lifecycle based on ECO, Engineering Change Orders.

First Install Manufacturing module along with PLM module.

After installing the PLM module, We can see an overview and total number of changes in ECO.

Odoo PLM
Odoo Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) 

Go to Engineering Change Order (ECO) 

Here we can create ECO Tags, ECO Types and ECO Stages

Engineering Change Order
Engineering Change Order 

Create New ECO Tags 

ECO Tags
ECO Tags 

Create ECO Types

ECO Types
ECO Types 

ECO Stages 

In ECO we can add many stages of ECO Type by creating a New which is similar to CRM or Project management stages but there is an additional option here to give approval option for each stage.

ECO Stages
ECO Stages 

Here are 4 ECO Stages

New : This stage shows that we are creating a new ECO
In Progress : This stage indicates that ECO is in Progress
Validated : This is final stage to apply the changes based on ECO apply on selection
Effective : This stage will be used for confirmed Engineering Change Orders (ECOs)

ECO Stages
Engineering Change Order In Odoo 

Here users can apply any changes and you can mark this stage as the final stage in the settings also you can select allow to apply changes for applying ECO changes in Product Lifecycle Management App.

Let’s generate the Engineering Change Orders,

Bill of material (BoM) of a product Desk Combination In manufacturing,

Bills Of Material (BoM) In Odoo
Bill of material (BoM) In Odoo

Now creating Engineering Change Order (ECO)

Create ECO
Create Engineering Change Order

Here you need to fill up all the fields and you can also define a short summary of changes, Choose ECO Type, Apply on Products or Bill Of Materials only.

Once you select the BoM, It will automatically fill up the product details and after completing all the details, You can click Start New Revision button for further process.

Now Click on Update BoM,

ECO Version
Update BoM to Change The Version 

By clicking on Update BoM button, It will update the BoM and you can see by clicking on BoM Revision smart button,

You can update product component from here,

Once you add component from here, It will be shown in BoM Changes Tab,

BoM Changes
BoM Changes

Now ECO state is in progress stage, 

PLM Overview In Odoo
Kanban View Of ECO State 

You can change the stage from In Progress to validated through Drag & Drop.

Admin or Responsible users can approve the changes.

Click on the Apply Changes button and stage will be moved from Validated stage to Effective stage. 


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