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The Future of Education: Exploring Odoo's e-Learning Platform

The Future of Education: Exploring Odoo's e-Learning Platform

Due to the pandemic of 2019-2020, education is one of the major sectors that has shifted or moved to online platforms. Hence, making it easy for each student to study and access courses sitting at home on their smart devices. 

E-learning has been booming since and gained immense popularity globally. Also, it promotes flexible and comfortable learning with remote access and makes way for new possibilities. 

Having the right learning platform is important. As it provides a user-friendly and hassle-free e-learning app to achieve your goals. 

Here comes the Odoo e-learning services. Odoo e-learning provides you with a separate module as per user requirements. Odoo supports interactive learning with a wide range of features. 

Odoo e-learning Features

Comprehensive Odoo E-learning module

A comprehensive Odoo e-learning module gives access to create multiple lessons and courses as per requirement. 

it assists in managing and organizing the content with PDF presentations, web pages, videos, info-graphics, and certifications.

Convenient translation

The translation is one of the best features of the Odoo e-learning module. It allows you to translate the website into various languages, and it ultimately assists users globally to communicate and learn well. It breaks the language barrier. 

Reliable Payment options 

The Odoo e-learning module provides easy access and reliable payment options for selling and marketing the online course. 

Odoo provides a simple payment gateway integration. 

Advance Reporting 

The advanced reporting system helps manage the performance of the content returns, courses, certifications, feedback, and forums. 

With the help of graphs, charts, stacks, and pie charts you can easily access and assess the data.

Promotional Tools 

Odoo allows users to use promotional tools like SEO, and sharing.

Apart from these, Odoo has other assisting features as well. You can simply set test duration, passing score, and the number of attempts. 

It will be easy to calculate the performance of participants and then certify them.

How Odoo Is useful for e-learning

  • Content Engagement
  • Metrics
  • Fast Editing 
  • Self-paced Learning
  • Quizzes and Reviews
  • Certifications

Content Engagement

  • Watch on any device- videos, Documents, web pages, and presentations. 


  • Review revenue reports and measure feedback/participation 

Fast Editing 

  • Effortlessly design pages with drag-and-drop functionalities, including info-graphics and seamless animations.

Self-paced Learning

  • Organize lessons into sections and display participants' learning progress. 

Quizzes and Reviews

  • Assess learning and gather feedback to understand their opinion on the content.


  • Perform advanced or complex tests, and track successful attempts to measure proficiency.

Top benefits of Odoo e-learning

  • Odoo e-learning provides a single tool to develop a multi-channel learning platform online. 
  • It tracks processes like reporting, learning, evaluating, teaching, and promoting.
  • Reconstructing resources and courses is now effortless with Odoo's insightful reporting systems. It can be made even after considering the common requirements of the user. 
  • Among the most cost-effective solutions, Odoo provides budget-friendly learning benefits with SaaS implementation. It reduces your training budget and user travel costs. 

The effective e-learning tools enures by Odoo

  • Active learning participation.
  • Sharing materials with users.
  • Multimedia usage for multiple courses. 
  • Feedback Management and discussion forums.
  • Odoo learning management system is a unique and easy-to-use platform for learners. 

Final thoughts

Odoo's impressive dashboard enhances your experience with multiple tabs, including configuration for implied functions, forums, courses, and reporting. Once you install the Odoo E-learning Module into the database it will start commencing. 

At CandidRoot Solutions, we assist you in exploring course creation with options for adding descriptions, lessons, access rights, visibility, and featured content. You can easily incorporate external reports, links, and stats. Odoo's interactive interface ensures hassle-free updates for your convenience. 

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