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The Ultimate Guide to Odoo 17 Maintenance

The Ultimate Guide to Odoo 17 Maintenance

Timely maintenance and repair could improve equipment functionality and eventually help the business grow. Odoo has released a maintenance module to help businesses and organizations ensure that equipment is maintained and serviced on time.

Odoo 17 users have two options for maintenance: preventive and corrective. Maintenance chores can be scheduled and managed with Odoo 17. Here, we can look at maintenance management.

As was previously mentioned, Odoo 17 provides two different types of maintenance tasks. Preventive maintenance, as the name implies, is routine support given to machinery to keep them from breaking down.

Corrective aids, as the name implies, assist in correcting errors that have been reported. Let’s examine the two types in detail. 

1. Preventing Service

This is used in regular maintenance operations. We are able to schedule maintenance in advance and finish all work on time. This ensures that the devices are used to their maximum capacity and prevents unnecessary damage to the equipment.

Any type of instrument, including manufacturing machines and computers, can be maintained using this method. It is now simpler to finish all maintenance operations on schedule as a result.

2. Maintenance that is remedial

Even with our regular maintenance, equipment malfunctions do happen from time to time. Corrective maintenance comes to the rescue when situations like this call for quick fixes.

 A maintenance request can be submitted by a user to notify the maintenance department of an issue. This makes it possible for the group to address the issue immediately.


Respond to requests for maintenance

For both kinds of maintenance, the process for making a request is nearly the same. We know how to file a request for maintenance.

The creation of the request is initiated by clicking "create". To initiate a request, we can choose Maintenance -> Maintenance -> Maintenance Request.

By requesting this, the organization will be able to ensure that all maintenance-related communications are sent correctly and can be tracked down by many parties.

 If an employee finds any technical issues with his laptop or PC, he can immediately submit a maintenance request.

The user can monitor the progress of their requests via the request platform. This method can also be used to send maintenance requests for large machines.

When submitting the request, the user has the option to add details about the machinery, the maintenance team, and the desired date. Priority can also be stated.

The user has the ability to submit requests for both preventive and remedial maintenance. 

This is the location of a new button. You are able to benefit from this.

We've finished filling out the form we made. The form has a field labeled "maintenance Type."

Here are the options for prevention and correction. In this case, We have selected the correct type because the laptop's touch-pad is broken.

But we also have the option to request preventive maintenance.

In this instance, We've decided to have my laptop serviced once a year. We choose to go with preventive maintenance as a result.

Verify the fix's status.

Corrective and preventative activities are viewed in the same way. To view the request from the dashboard or to check its status, click on it.

Manage the Schedule of Maintenance

A maintenance calendar is a vital tool, especially for preventive maintenance. A maintenance team can schedule the work of its members and prepare a list of maintenance chores that need to be done before the end of the week, month, or year. A corrective maintenance program can be constructed using prioritization.

In charge of the Maintenance Group

Maintenance chores are usually performed by internal teams. However, some jobs may sometimes be assigned to subcontractors in order to ensure timely completion or efficient assistance. With the help of Odoo 17, the user can oversee several team types.

In Conclusion, these are the Odoo 17 Maintenance's preventive and corrective maintenance procedures. Odoo Services give you the ability to use our comprehensive maintenance guide to keep your Odoo 17 system operating effectively.

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