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Odoo focuses on improvements of all existing features while releasing new versions. In each new version Odoo is always providing more new and sophisticated features as well as enhancement on all existing features.

Key Features Of Odoo 14

In this blog we will see the key features of Odoo 14. We will look at new features of Odoo and understand enhancements in existing features.

Smart Date Picker


Smart Date Picker is a new feature introduced by Odoo in v14. It is useful to set up the closing date of Project, Manufacturing of Product, Lead Closing date etc. You can set a closing date by just adding plus or minus year or month or days. I.e If a user wants to set a closing date of 3 years ago then just have to type -3y in date picker to get a date of 3 years ago from existing date and same way +3y will use to get future date of after 3 years from existing date. 

Smart Date Picker In Odoo 14

Spread-sheet Reporting 

Odoo Spreadsheet feature is used in a business to generate accurate reports. This spreadsheet helps to get reports based on the database. You can easily get reports like Sales Revenue, Purchase Expense which will help you to prepare your budget efficiently. Also it will give you historical reports, Current performance reports to predict business growth. This function also helps you to get real-time updates on performance.

Spread-sheet Reporting In Odoo 14

Data Cleaning Module 

Data Cleaning Module in Odoo 14 will help users to sort the data and remove unnecessary data. It will sort data automatically and help you to sort new leads, Contacts and all other data provided to the software solution. It is easy to identify duplicate data and facility to merge duplicate data with this new module.

Data Cleaning Module In Odoo 14

New UI For POS

Odoo 14 is a new User Interface in the Point Of Sale Module. The new feature of product configuration and email-receipt for the Purchase.

Product configuration in POS

It is easy to configure products using Product Configuration in POS. Users can create product categories and parent categories without any difficulty.

Product configuration in POS In Odoo 14

Receipt by Email

Receipt By Email enables the vendor to send a product’s bill to the customer by email. This is a simple process and it saves paper and customers can store this bill for long term if it is needed for warranty and service. 

Receipt By Email In Odoo 14

Ask For Confirmation 

This feature is useful for Purchase and quotation management. It will help users to ask for confirmation from retailers or vendors before the product is delivered. 

Purchase Management In Odoo 14

Expense Dashboard

Expense Dashboard is a new feature that has been added to Expense Module of the Odoo. It will help to quickly view all expenses and generate expense reports. The dashboard window will help you check quick view of Expense Date, Product, Employee Name, The Person name who made Payment, Taxes, Total Amount, Status of Report etc

Expense Dashboard In Odoo 14

Website Builder 

In Odoo 14, Odoo has introduced an extended version of Website Builder which helps users to build more effective websites in a short period of time and it is the best website building tools in the industry. 

You can improve your website with a professional look and other new building blocks to improve the feature of the website. 

Website Builder In Odoo 14

New Blocks will be added, 

  • Different Charts 

  • Countdown Snippet 

  • Background Video

  • Titles and Subtitles Snippet 

  • Website Timeline Management 

  • Introduce and Prioritize Features of The Firm

  • Auto Pop-up Snippet 

  • Price-List Report 

  • Dynamic User Approval 

  • Two-Factor Authentication 

  • Recurring Task Setting 

  • SEO 

Dynamic Snippet In Odoo 14

Odoo 14 offer Forecast Support

In Odoo 14 facility to get assistance on Forecast of Sales and Quotation, This will help for benefits manufacturing sales and purchase operations.

Purchase Dashboard 

The Purchase Report In Odoo 14 will help you to get a clear view of Orders and Products so you can easily get a quick view of Purchase Order. Users can get the details of Purchase Order, Vendor Details, Purchase Representative Details and deadline of Order. Status of RFQ like To be Sent, Pending and other details can be accessed from Dashboard. It is easy to get an idea about Total Cost and Status of RFQ.

Purchase Dashboard In Odoo 14

Editable Manufacturing Order 

Odoo 14 is with a facility to Edit Manufacturing Order. Users can Edit the product details and Edit order details. This process can be easily done by Manufacturing Modules.

Editable Manufacturing Order In Odoo 14

Search Panel For Apps 

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