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Odoo Migration : Help to grow your business

Odoo Migration help you to make use of new features and improvements of latest version of ERP software

The new features can be introduced without affecting the operation of the existing system and it will help you to manage your business better.

For Example, Odoo 15 is with new features like New Import Screen, Options in Pivot and graph views, New HTML Editor, Coupon And Promotion Program For POS etc as well so a company migrating from older version of Odoo then a company can able to use to these features to improve their operations.

We have to take care while doing database migration because we need to consider many aspects to complete the process.

The very first thing is to take care of available data of business, Reports related to those data, Details of Customers, Vendors and their orders and important documents related to financial management and payment documents.

Another important point is, users are able to access the existing features and functionality along with the newly added features after completion of the migration process.
By considering all points we can say that we need to take care while doing migration of a system. This will require an experienced and expert team in Odoo ERP management and data migration so a company can get in touch with Odoo Partner to complete the migration process.
An Odoo Partner is experienced with all processes and it will help a business to complete the task without any technical issues. An efficient ERP team can help you to make planning for migration and prepare it in advance.

Ways to Choose Odoo Migration Partner 

  • Expert Team For Odoo 
  • Experience In Odoo Migration 
  • Efficiency For Planning and Management 
  • Knowledge In Industry 
  • Expert Knowledge 

Different Types Of Odoo Migration 

Let’s discuss about different types of Odoo Migrations, 

  • Odoo Module Migration (Code migration of custom modules)
  • Data Migration 

Migration Of Odoo Module/Apps 

There are new apps introduced every year to meet the requirements of different businesses. There are technical changes in new versions as well. The changes may include changes in the code to make it suitable with the new version of Odoo. The changes in terms of Python Code, New JS Framework required or it requires to make the functionality available after migration to the latest version. 

Data Migration/Database Migration 

This is the process of migrating existing data to the new version of Odoo as there are many changes in database schema. Data migration requires special care to prevent errors and loss of important data so we have to configure existing data into the newer version or platform. We can also modify the tables and map the data and data needs to be imported to the new version as well.

How To Test Migration ?

The testing will help us to check the reliability and durability of the platform to which migration has been done. It is good that both Old and New systems work parallel so users can test each operation with a new system and if any data is missing or if any error is coming due to code then it can be resolved before going live with the system.

Significance Of Migration 

  • Odoo migration which is a key process during version upgrades 
  • Migration helps you with better and faster performance 
  • It improves efficiency and reliability 
  • Simplify the operations 
  • Upgrading ERP migration will help you to grow with the market

Why Choose CandidRoot Solutions 

CandidRoot Solutions is a Ready Partner of Odoo. We have an expert team of Odoo professionals who can help you to manage all types of migration processes and provide the best ERP implementation company with great experience in Odoo. 

We can guide you to plan your migration process which includes the migration from one Odoo version to another version of Odoo OR data migration from another ERP to Odoo with complete solution.

We have a team of experts for all Odoo Services including Odoo Implementation, Customization, Development, Integration, Consulting and Migration. 

Get in touch with us for any query to start your migration process.

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