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Why Odoo Partners Are Better Than Freelancers ?

Why Odoo Partners Are Better Than Freelancers ?

Odoo Partners vs Freelancers

For several reasons, Entrepreneurs are always confused between Odoo professionals and Odoo freelancers for ERP Implementation Services. In this blog we will explain to you about how to choose between both to help you in a better way. 

In a normal scenario, You just imagine choosing such a brand out of many brands then your subconscious mind will tell you that this brand is famous because they will do everything right and you will go with the well-known brands out of many brands. 

Each and every project has its own unique features so your services should be implemented by Odoo Partner or Freelancers. Here are some ideas by which you can get help to overcome your problem.

Expertise and Quality Of Service

Service quality is the main thing while hiring anyone to complete the process for implementation. You will get a surety of an expert team with Odoo Partner and having multiple resources with expertise in multiple modules or tasks so if any difficulties will come during implementation the team can handle while Freelancers manage all the stages on their own and if any difficulties then it will be managed by a single person. 

With Odoo partners, You will get assurance of completion of Odoo services with higher standard while with the freelancers, You will be crossing your fingers to get standard service from freelancers. 

There are less research assistants using freelancers as only focus to complete the good job while Odoo partner gives you the freedom to explore other fields of interests while managing mission professionally.

Experience Always Matters 

Odoo Partners have Odoo professionals with higher experience and having better experience for working with similar services targeted to businesses like you and they can apply their wealth of expertise to complete the task using unique knowledge while in many cases freelancers having less experience in handling the various phases of project. Anyone can be knowledgeable but we have to prefer someone who has the reason to apply their expertise constantly by making master of their art.

Workflow is harmonized

In some cases Freelancers can not have the expertise to handle customization and quality required for each stage of the development process, on the other hand Odoo professionals can give you guarantee for completion of the project with structured manner because the workflow is streamlined due to years of experience. 

Odoo partners or professionals always think for long term relationships with clients so focus on quality of services and freelancers want to finish the job and move to the next task without looking into quality needed at every stage of the project.


It is necessary to share all the confidential information of your company while implementing ERP implementation services so Odoo partners have practice to sign NDA with clients for data security while freelancers don’t have registered company to sign Non-disclosure agreement so it might be possibility to leak or reuse your data while working with other customers so with Odoo partners your data will be safe & secure as per agreement with both the parties.

Adaptable With Latest Trends

Odoo releases a new version of Odoo every year so Odoo partner is well equipped with the latest updates in newer versions so they know how to handle new versions. Also you can take benefits from Odoo partners about which version is most suitable for your business while a freelancer is not well equipped with the latest trends.

Development Charges : Lesser vs Higher

It is obvious that freelancers may always charge you lesser rates compared to Odoo service providers who charge as a professional and they are taking into account many factors while charging you for project implementation.  

Freelancers should be limited for small tasks and minor customization so once you are handing over your project to a freelancer then because of their limited knowledge of Odoo, It will put your project into high-risk. Odoo ERP is very vast and includes Odoo Professionals or Odoo Partners in your project who are highly qualified and trained so they will give you the best services. i.e  CandidRoot Solutions, A Ready Partner Of Odoo.  

You will get inexpensive services from freelancers because they are chagrin less compared to Odoo Partners but you have to consider the other parts like Experienced Team, Quality Of Service, Timely Delivery, Data security and long term commitments to the client.

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