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Key Features of WordPress 5.0 :

New Block Editor :

New Block Editor is with big changes in terms of editing experience in WordPress and this is the first step towards an exciting new future to streamline editing experience. This new editor is better than the classical one and the Classical editor is still available as a Plugin.

  • Flexibility in terms of displaying content 

  • Easier to add any kind of multimedia and it embedded automatically

  • Newer blocks like images, paragraph text, image galleries, audio players, videos, headings and more 

  • Editing control available for blocks which simplifies editing operations 

Reusable Blocks:

If you have created new block and want to use some other page then this new editor is having facility to reuse it anywhere 


In the Gutenberg editor, You can use your created blocks in other pages or posts then you can convert it into a “reusable block” by clicking on the button. Whenever you need that block again, You just have to again click the button and place it which is an alternate option to “shortcodes”

New Default Theme: Twenty Nineteen

This new theme Twenty Nineteen is completely adaptable with a new block editor. It is a great start option for anyone who wants to make a new webpage or new blog which gives versatile design for all types of sites. 


Support with newer version of PHP 


The WordPress 5.0 version is developed in such a way that it supports a new version of PHP 7.3 and which is official support until 2022.

New Source code Syntax

WordPress 5.0 is with new source code syntax for developers and programmers who are developing themes or plugins with a programming level much easier. 

Conclusion :

CandidRoot, WordPress Development Company highly recommended to upgrade your current WordPress environment with the latest WordPress 5.0 and feel new features of version.

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