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Work Center In Odoo 13 Manufacturing

Work Center In Odoo 13 Manufacturing

Work Center In Odoo 13 Manufacturing 

Once you have installed a manufacturing module and enable Work Orders to manage Work Centers. 

Go to Configuration →  Settings → Work Orders

Work Orders In Odoo

Once you enable Work Orders, You can see Work Center like this, 

Work Center In Odoo

You can directly go to the Work Center from here or Create New Work Center.

Create New Work Center In Odoo

Create a New Work Center and Fill all the relevant details and There are some smart buttons available by which you can simplify the views based on that category.

Create New Work Center In Odoo

Alternative work centers : This can be alternate or substitute to this Work Center in order to dispatch the production.

Time Efficiency : This field is for the expected duration of Work Order for this Work Center. For Example, If the Work Order can be completed in one hour and efficiency factor is 100% then this work can be done in one Hour and if efficiency factor is 50% then work is done in 2 Hours. 

Capacity : Number of pieces or work can be produced parallel.

OEE Target : It means Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) Target in percentage.

The time before prod : Time in minutes for some basic setup before start of a production.

Time after prod : Time in minutes for the cleaning once production has been completed 

Description : This is for detailed description about the Work centers.

These are newly added Work Centers, 

Work Center Overview In Odoo
Once We started with manufacturing order, You can see the status of Manufacturing orders from here and It is easy to apply color to the Work centers and other settings by clicking on 3 dots which are given on top right corner.
Work Center Overview In Odoo


Once you create WorkCenter and the next step is to create new routing. 

Go to Master Data → Routings 

You can Add a line to define necessary Work Center operations.

  • Give a Suitable name to Operation

  • Easy to choose different work centers in routing a product

  • Define Duration Computation based on Real Time or Set it manually and adjust default duration manually

  • Start Next Operation : Once all products are processed OR Once some products are processed and Save it 

You can upload any file regarding the operations from Work-sheet Tab so it can be either PDF or Google Slide Document 

Work Sheet In Odoo Work Center
Also added another operation with a different Work Center and Routings will look like this,

Routing In Odoo

Now, It requires to apply this routing to BOM 

  • Go to Master Data → Bills Of Materials 

  • Select a Product and Set the Routing to Table that we have created.

  • You can change the BOM Type If it is required 

  • Save it 

Manufacturing Order

Now We will create a Manufacturing Order to Make a Table 

  • Go to Operations → Manufacturing Orders

  • Create a New Manufacturing Order 

  • Select Product, Its Quantity, BoM and Save it 

  • Check Availability of Material to see what is available 

Manufacturing Order In Odoo 13

Now Click on the Plan button to start plan your order. 

Manufacturing Order In Odoo 13

Once Click on Plan Button, It will show Work Orders on the top right corner of the Manufacturing order.

Odoo • A picture with a caption

You can Click on the Work Orders to see the status of the orders.

Odoo • A picture with a caption
  • Here First Order is Ready and highlighted with Green Color so you can click on that order to complete it. 

  • Once you click on that order you can see the Process button to Start its Operation or You can Pause during production and continue with work later.  

  • Scrap which indicates the product that moves from Current Warehouse to any other 

  • Also easy to create Maintenance Request If it is required

Odoo • A picture with a caption
When One work is complete, You can check the Dashboard of the workplace will appear like this.

Work Center Dashboard In Odoo
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