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Odoo Social Marketing - Manage Social Media, Web Push Notifications and Live Chat.

Odoo's Social Marketing application is the one and only solution you need to manage social media pages, web push notifications, and live chat! Create and manage content, connect with your prospects and customers, and even generate and track leads and income!

Odoo's Social Marketing application is the best tool you'll need to manage Web Push Notification, Social Network Pages and live chat. 

Create and manage content, engage with prospects and customers, and even generate and measure leads and revenue!

And not only that! Proactively engage with users on your website and begin converting visitors into leads and consumers into satisfied users.

Key Features

1. Live Chat Requests : Engage in chats with one (or more) website visitors. Your message will be displayed when they take their next action on a tracked page.

2. Social Stream Feed : Add social media streams (e.g., Facebook, Instagram) to your dashboard to track accounts, communicate with followers, and obtain important insights.

3. Lead/Opportunity Creation : Generate leads/opportunities from any social post or comment.

4. Developer Accounts : On the Social Marketing dashboard, log in using your own Developer Accounts. These credentials are available in the developer area of your professional social media profile.

5. Track Revenues (and Leads) from Links : Follow the travel of a link from a post to get fast feedback on how much income (and leads) the link has produced.

6. Online Visitors : Get an up-to-date, accurate list of all website visitors and contact them with only one click.

7. Account Owners : The main Social Marketing dashboard allows you to quickly check who linked accounts and established streams.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is Odoo Social Marketing?
Odoo Social Marketing is a strong platform that allows you to manage your social media presence, create marketing campaigns, and communicate with your audience across different platforms.

2. How can Odoo Social Marketing help with content scheduling?

Odoo Social Marketing provides scheduling capabilities so you can plan and schedule your posts ahead of time. This ensures that your content is published at appropriate times, even when you are unavailable.

3. Can Odoo Social Marketing measure social media performance?

Yes, Odoo Social Marketing offers precise statistics that measure engagement, reach, follower growth, and other vital indicators, allowing you to evaluate the effectiveness of your social media initiatives.

4. How does Odoo Social Marketing work with email marketing?

Odoo Social Marketing works perfectly with Odoo Email Marketing, allowing you to design unique campaigns that engage your audience across social media channels and email.

5. What is the definition of social listening in Odoo Social Marketing?

Odoo Social Marketing’s social listening features allow you to monitor mentions, detect keywords, and respond to comments and messages quickly, allowing you to stay ahead of the conversation.

6. Is it possible to manage many social media accounts with Odoo Social Marketing?

Yes! Odoo Social Marketing enables you to manage all of your social media profiles from a single platform, making it simple to post updates and interact with your audience across many channels. 

7. How does Odoo Social Marketing manage audience segmentation?

Odoo Social Marketing allows you to segment your audience based on demographics, activity, and interests, making your campaigns more focused and relevant.

8. Is Odoo Social Marketing suitable for small businesses?

Yes, Odoo Social Marketing is scalable and customizable to match the demands of small businesses, providing significant capabilities at a lower cost than competing marketing solutions.