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Odoo Survey - Get more insights!

Odoo Survey is the one platform to manage appraisals, satisfaction surveys, marketing campaigns, feedback forms, etc.

Create beautiful and clear survey forms with no effort. Share your surveys rapidly with Odoo's built-in sharing system. Obtain and view result charts in real-time.

Odoo Survey is a single platform for managing assessments, satisfaction surveys, marketing initiatives, feedback forms, and more.
Create simple survey forms with minimal effort.

The built-in sharing feature in Odoo allows you to quickly share your survey results. Obtain and examine real-time results charts.

Create live surveys in which the presenter controls the speed of the session and participants may view the outcomes of the questions and rank them in real time.

Key Features:

1. Easy Survey Creation : Odoo Survey provides a user-friendly interface for designing surveys. Choose from multiple question types, add conditional logic, and change the layout to match your branding.

2. Multiple Question Types : Create engaging surveys using a range of question kinds, such as multiple choice, open-ended, and rating scales. Customize your questions to get the most relevant information.

3. Conditional Logic : Use conditional logic in your surveys to guide respondents based on their replies. This allows you to collect more accurate data and produce a more customized survey experience. 

4. Real-Time Analytics : Track responds in real-time and analyzes data as it arrives. Odoo Survey gives rapid insights, allowing you to make swift decisions and respond to feedback promptly.

5. Customizable Templates : Create your surveys easily with configurable templates. Choose from templates designed for specific sectors and survey kinds, or develop your own from scratch.

6. Automated Reports : Create detailed reports with a few clicks. Odoo Survey offers detailed information, such as respondent demographics, response trends, and data visualizations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is the Odoo Survey?

Odoo Survey is a powerful tool management system that enables you to easily design, distribute, and evaluate surveys from any device.

2. How does Odoo Survey help with survey creation?

Odoo Survey provides a user-friendly interface for designing surveys with multiple question kinds, conditional logic, and customizable templates.

3. Can I follow survey responses in real-time using Odoo Survey?
Yes, Odoo Survey delivers real-time statistics, allowing you to track replies as they come in and obtain rapid insights.

4. Does Odoo Survey allow mobile-friendly surveys?

Yes! The Odoo Survey ensures that your surveys are fully responsive and easy to complete on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

5. How does Odoo Survey keep data secure?

Odoo Survey features strong encryption and access controls to keep your surveys secure and confidential.

6. Can I combine the Odoo Survey with other Odoo apps?

Yes, Odoo Survey works smoothly with other Odoo apps like CRM and marketing, giving you a unified platform for running your business and exploiting survey data.

7. How can I generate reports using the Odoo Survey?

Odoo Survey allows you to generate extensive reports with just a few clicks, providing full insights into your survey results.

8. Is Odoo Survey suited for conducting large-scale surveys?

Yes, Odoo Survey is scalable and can manage a high number of responses, making it appropriate for surveys of all sizes.