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Odoo Timesheets - any device, anywhere, anytime!

Whether you’re running a small business, a freelance professional, or managing employees from different locations, you need your tools to be as mobile as you are. Log in and track your time through any device, anywhere.

It's fast. It works offline. It supports your own workflows.

Whether you're running a small business, a freelancer, or managing personnel in multiple locations, your tools must be as mobile as you are.

Log in and manage your time from any device, anywhere. It's quick. It is functional even when not connected. It supports your workflows.

Key Features:

1. Time Tracking : Odoo Time-sheets offers a simple interface for tracking time spent on tasks. You can quickly start and stop timers, manually enter hours, and allocate time to certain projects or clients.

2. Accessibility : Track your time using any device, including a desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone. Odoo Time-sheets sync across all your devices, so your data is always updated.

3. Project Management : Integrate timesheets into your project management module to keep track of the time spent on various activities and projects. This allows you to track progress, deploy resources efficiently, and stay on schedule.

4. Reporting and Analytics : Create precise reports and analytics to better understand your team's productivity and project performance. Monitor billable hours and time allocation and discover opportunities for improvement.

5. Invoicing : Connecting timesheets directly to your invoicing system will ensure correct billing. Automatically generate invoices based on logged hours, ensuring paid correctly and on time.

6. Integration : Odoo Timesheets works smoothly with other Odoo applications such as Projects, HR, and Accounting, resulting in a consolidated platform for managing your business operations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What are Odoo Timesheets?
Odoo Timesheets is a comprehensive time tracking system that lets you log hours, manage projects, and create results from any device, at any time.

2. How can Odoo Timesheets facilitate time tracking?
Odoo Timesheets offers a simple interface for starting and pausing timers, manually entering hours, and allocating time to specific activities or projects.

3. Can I track time across many devices?
Yes, Odoo Timesheets sync across all your devices, allowing you to measure time on computers, tablets, and smartphones.

4. How does Odoo Timesheets work with Project Management?
Odoo Timesheets integrate smoothly with your project management module, allowing you to measure progress, allocate resources, and remain on schedule by connecting time tracking to project activities.

5. Does Odoo Timesheets provide reporting and analytics?
Absolutely. Odoo Timesheets offers rich reporting and analytics to help you track productivity, manage time, and develop insights for improvement.

6. Can I link timesheets and invoicing?
Yes, Odoo Timesheets allows you to seamlessly connect timesheets to your invoicing system, assuring correct billing and timely payments based on documented hours.

7. Is Odoo Timesheets secure?
Odoo Timesheets protects your data and ensures secure time tracking by implementing strong security measures like encryption and access limits.

8. Can I use Odoo Timesheets for a small team?
Yes, Odoo Timesheets are adaptable and customizable to meet the demands of both small teams and large enterprises, with powerful capabilities at a reasonable price.