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Easy quotation software Send polished quotations with Odoo Sign and online payment.

Odoo's Sales module is used to ensure superior sales management activities for a firm. The Odoo Sales management tool can be relied on to efficiently operate your sales processes.

You can improve your workflow by methodically coordinating quotation development, customer management, sales team organization, sales order confirmation, invoice generation, and other sales procedures inside a company.

Managing and monitoring all of these tasks manually will be exhausting. With Odoo 16's high integration characteristics, you may employ modern ERP system tools and attributes to effortlessly accomplish all key sales duties.

Odoo is always improving to ensure the greatest possible performance for its users. Odoo 16, the latest version of Odoo, provides the fastest processing speed without sacrificing excellent execution.

You can also find new updates in the Sales module that will help to improve overall sales management. Odoo's latest version now allows subscriptions to be merged into sales orders.

A dedicated smart button on the related sales orders will allow you to control the subscription directly from the sales module.

Key Features

Reporting and forecasting : Sales parameters are automatically tracked to produce comprehensive reports and precise estimates.

Shipping integrations : Partner with local and international shipping couriers to deliver your products.

Invoicing : Multiple invoicing methods include down payment, pro-forma, depending on delivered or ordered quantities, time and materials, and project milestones. When online payments are confirmed, the database generates invoices automatically.

Upselling : Include optional products in quotations to easily upsell to customers. The online customer portal allows customers to add optional products to their quotes.

Amazon-Ebay integration : Integrate Odoo Sales with major online marketplaces to eliminate manual entry and increase product visibility.

Customer communications : Send emails and set up meetings with customers directly from Odoo. All communications are automatically logged and conveniently accessible in the same logical place.

Professional Quotations 

Quotation Builder : Create a professional quote in seconds. Use established products, pricing lists, and templates to automatically apply the correct prices to quotations.

Quotation Template : Create customized quotation templates with a few clicks and reuse them to save time.

Pro Forma Invoicing : Send bill templates to your customers.

Upselling : Quotations are designed to help your organization sell more by recommending more items and options, offering discounts and closing triggers, and more.

Electronic Signature :
Electronic signatures enable you to sell faster by letting your consumers evaluate and sign their estimates online.

Variant Grid Entry :  Add product variants to your sales orders using a grid or matrix that shows all of the potential combinations of a product's features (for example, sizes and colors).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is Odoo Sales?

Odoo Sales is a powerful sales management software that enables organizations to generate quotes, handle sales orders, and streamline sales operations. It is part of the Odoo suite of business software.

2. How does Odoo Sales' quoting process work?

You can use templates to build personalized quotations that include product specifications, terms, and discounts. Quotes may be given to customers for e-signatures with Odoo Sign, making the approval process faster and more efficient.

3. Can clients pay online using Odoo Sales?

Yes, Odoo Sales accepts online purchases via several payment methods. Once a quotation has been accepted, consumers can pay using the integrated payment options.

4. How does Odoo Sales integrate with other Odoo applications?

Odoo Sales connects smoothly with other Odoo apps, including CRM, Inventory, and Accounting. This integration connects your sales process to other corporate functions, resulting in a seamless platform.

5. Is Odoo Sales ideal for small businesses?

Absolutely! Odoo Sales is adaptable and customizable to meet the needs of small businesses, delivering significant capabilities without the high prices associated with other sales management solutions.

6. How secure is the payment process in Odoo Sales?

Odoo Sales uses secure payment gateways and adhere to industry-standard security policies to ensure that all transactions are safe and secure.

7. Can I see the progress of my sales orders in Odoo Sales? 

Yes, you can follow the status of your sales orders, manage delivery, and handle invoicing all from within Odoo Sales, giving you complete visibility and control over your sales processes.