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Lightspeed Integration With Odoo

Lightspeed Commerce is an eCommerce and Point-of-Sale software provider based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It has offices in Montreal, New York, Ottawa, Toronto, Amsterdam and Ghent. Lightspeed offers its services to retail, restaurant, and hospitality industries.

One of our customers is using Lightspeed eCommerce for a website, Selling products online and wants to integrate Lightspeed with Odoo to use back-end functionality of Odoo.

The main requirement from our customer is to synchronize data between Lightspeed eCommerce and Odoo on regular intervals with bidirectional sync between both the systems.

We provided solution for Odoo Integration With Lightspeed eCommerce.

I.e Data synchronization between Lightspeed eCommerce to Odoo and Odoo to Lightspeed eCommerce so it is working bidirectional Integration.

API Set Up

Set up of API details in Odoo back-end

Category Sync

Synchronization of product categories

Product Sync

Synchronization of Product All Details

Inventory Sync

Synchronization of Inventory

Customer Sync

Synchronization of Customers

Order Sync

Synchronization of Order, Order Status

Shipment Status

Synchronization Of Shipment Status From Odoo To LightSpeed

Technical Insights :-

Import From LightSpeed To Odoo 
Products, Category, Brand, Tags, Attributes, Taxes, Customer, Supplier, Orders

Export From Odoo To LightSpeed
Product Price, Product Inventory, Order Status

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