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Create Sales order based on timesheet lines

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    • 15.0

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Community Enterprise

Sales Order from Timesheet Lines of Task

This module allows you to configure generate sales order. Add multiple product with quantity in timesheet lines in order to create sales order for each product lines added in timesheet by doing sum for the same product.


Project/Configuration/Task Stages

Enable 'Create Automatic Quotation??' and provide service type product for which you want to create order lines for hours spent on each line.


Click on create to add My Timesheets where user can add single/multiple Product Qty Timesheet Lines. Each Line will create separate order line on click on Generate Order. For the same product, final order line will create single line by adding the quantity.


Project / My Tasks.

From Tasks also, user will be able to add product qty timesheets. Based on configured stage, you will see 'Generate Quote' button. Each timesheet lines will generate separate order line with service type of Product provided in Stage configuration.


Projects / My Tasks

Click on the "Created Sales Order" button to see created sales order from the Task. User can also see Task attached to Sales Order using smart button 'Related Tasks'.

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