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Securionpay Payment Acquirer

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  • Available in version
    • 13.0
    • 14.0
    • 15.0
    • 16.0

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Community Enterprise

Securionpay Payment Integration with Odoo

A payment gateway to accept online payments via credit and debit cards using securionpay.

Securionpay API Configuration

Default Account Settings APIKeys

Securionpay Configuration in Odoo

You need to set public key and secret key.

Shop Page

You able to see securionpay on shop page.

Securionpay Payment Screen

You able to see securionpay on shop page.

Payment Done Message

After successful payment you will be redirect to this page.

Sale Confirm

Sale order create after payment via securionpay.

Save Card Configuration

You can save card detail after do payment first time via securionpay.

Save Card Detail

After successful payment first time via securionpay you can see next order save card detail.

Save Card Detail List

You can see all save card detail list.

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